We are so excited to introduce our new Social Media Coordinator, Destiny Washington. Destiny makes sure we spread the word about Bartol’s opportunities, workshops and resources. She also celebrates our grantees and community members making a difference.

Tell us about how your journey to having your own social media business, Destiny / Design Co.

I am a self-taught artist and designer from Brooklyn, NY, and I really embrace the Do-It-Yourself ethos. Sometimes the art world has barriers to entry, but I never let that stop me from pursuing art and a creative career. I decided to start my own design business in that same emotional space of wanting to forge a path for myself. I love collaborating with others and being a part of and in control of projects that we create together! In addition to graphic and visual design services, I offer social media management to my clients because I believe a cohesive brand/organization’s message includes social media platforms and the language that you use. In non-profits, social media is often an underutilized space, but people want to hear your stories and see your work!

What drew you to working with the Bartol Foundation and how do you think Bartol can make a difference through its social media?

I love working with non-profit and artist organizations because I am an artist myself. I am newer to the Philadelphia area and was very excited to learn about the work that Bartol Foundation does with artists and funding their projects around the city. Being a part of a team at an organization that I believe in is a huge plus and I am very excited about the work we’ve started together. Bartol can make a difference through its social media by building others up and continuing to further our message of helping and supporting teaching artists. We have begun to shine more light on our micro-grantees, and feature other workshops and organizations on our platforms that we believe in and support. Bartol Foundation’s social media has goals of continuing to further our reach as well as strengthening our growing community of teaching artists.

What advice would you give to artists and arts organizations trying to develop their social media presence?

– Quality over Quantity

– Show works in progress (People like to see your process and your inner workings)

– Play around with themes (Ex: Posting only in one color, recurring hashtags)

– Find the balance between personal and professional.

What are the two (or three) apps you can’t live without?

I love Pinterest! My mind has 30+ open tabs on a regular basis, so being able to neatly organize and categorize my thoughts, projects and ideas is a godsend. Although it’s got its share of issues, Instagram is a great app! It has helped me connect with many other creatives, artists and design entrepreneurs I would have never known before. Their inspiration goes a long way for me. Your work on social media can do the same for others. I also really enjoy the Repost App, which makes it very easy to share the work of others you collaborate with or admire! It easily copies the media and text from an Instagram post to your phone for your use. Artists and Organizations can use this to help spread each other’s messages!

And our always favorite question. Best. Snack. Ever.

There’s nothing better than a ripe mango!


Destiny Washington is a visual designer based in Philadelphia who focuses on brand strategy and social media. Find more about her and her work here.


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