“Because music is there for you when people aren’t.”



Project 440’s “Doing Good” program is a 30-session intensive after-school entrepreneurial program that provides guidance to high school musicians who want to positively impact their communities.  A first time grantee, Project 440 uses music as a jumping off point to strengthen identity and build community. Program Director and Lead Teaching Artist Susanna Loewy stepped up to answer our questions of the day.


What about your work keeps you up at night?



What is the coolest thing a participant in your program ever said to you?

When asked “Why is music important to you?” a student responded “Because music is there for you when people aren’t.” I think that perfectly sums it up, and want to posit the question: What if everyone had access to such an important tool? Music has the capability of changing lives for the better, and every young person should have those life-altering possibilities.


If you could magically change one thing to make your program better, what would it be?

Can we have 40 hours in a day, please? But, not everyone else — just our staff.


Share a book you read that changed how you think about your work.

Steinbeck’s East of Eden always reminds me that all of our choices are just that: choices. We are human because of this ability to choose, and keeping in mind that humanity that we all possess — the good choices and the not-as-good ones — keeps us both humble and motivated. 


Best.  Snack. Ever.

CEREAL WITH WHOLE MILK… any kind of cereal. really… any. kind.



Part of a continuing series featuring our 2019 Bartol grantees.


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