“… I was the only adult in their life that they have truly trusted.”

Norris Square Neighborhood Projects believes in art inside and out.  With a social justice lens, NSNP is committed to the people and surroundings of their community.  

When do you know your work is making a difference?

I know my work is making a difference when I begin to see the positive impacts on the youth that I serve. This could be an academic achievement of theirs or a personal challenge they have overcome.

What is the coolest thing a participant in your program ever said to you?

The coolest thing a participant has said to me was that I was the only adult in their life that they have truly trusted. 

What is the best tip you can give to someone doing arts education programs like yours?

The best tip that I can give someone doing arts education is that you must meet the youth where they are at. This means that you must drop any preconceived expectations about the youth that you are working with. Remember that youth run on their time and work at their pace.  

What is your favorite field trip? (Real or imagined.)

My favorite field trip has to be when my org was able to take our youth canoeing in the summer!!! What a blast!

Best.  Snack. Ever.

THE BEST SNACK EVER!!! Is of course the Nutty Buddy!

Part of a continuing series featuring our 2019 Bartol grantees.

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