“…develop a teaching style that can speak to all learning abilities…”



We are excited to hear from our first-time grantee Danse4Nia, a multi-cultural contemporary modern dance company committed to using dance to foster personal, cultural and social change.   Founder, CEO and Artistic Director Antoinette Coward-Gilmore shared some insights with her answers to our questions of the day.


What is the coolest thing a participant in your program ever said to you?

The first time Danse4Nia Repertory Ensemble showcased in Pittsburgh, PA. at the Bynum Theatre, during the PA Presenters Conference, one of the dancers thanked us for giving her the opportunity to perform and to fly Pittsburgh.  she had never been on an airplane before. She was 20 years old. I personally felt proud that Danse4Nia could provide that first time experience through dance.


What is the best tip you can give to someone doing arts education programs like yours?

The best tip I could give someone doing arts education would be to develop a teaching style that can speak to all learning abilities. l would also suggest having a sensitivity to various cultural and ethnic backgrounds which can  also play a part in a student’s learning capability.  


What is your favorite field trip? (Real or imagined.)

A favorite field trip would be Jacob’s Pillow, the mecca of modern dance founded by the father of modern dance Ted Shawn.  


Share a book you read that changed how you think about your work.

Many books I have read helped to shape how I think about my work.  The one book that comes to mind is the Biography of Lester Horton, the founder of the Horton Technique.  The biography details the creation of his technique, the origins of the first dance theatre and the origins of the first interracial dance company.



Part of a continuing series featuring our 2019 Bartol grantees.

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