Our staff and board is run by a group of esteemed and dynamic people from all over the arts community of Philadelphia who are passionate about using art as a way for all to connect to joyful, creative lives.

Wit López (They/Them), is a visual artist, performer, and arts administrator. They are the Artistic Director of Till Arts Project, an arts-services organization serving LGBTQI+ artists in the Greater Philly area. Wit believes that marginalized artists should have support for their practices and equal access to resources as artists from privileged backgrounds. 

Wit Lopez

What keeps you busy in your work and life these days?

Art, art, and more art! I’m an artist, art critic, arts administrator, and arts services consultant, so my life revolves around the arts and I love it!

What intrigued you about being a member of the Bartol board?

The trauma-informed workshop for artists and the grants for teaching artists let me know that Bartol is an organization truly considering the wellness of artists in the community and trying to equip artists with resources. I’m a huge supporter of many organizations that view artists as whole humans and I also believe that artists work should be financially supported, and Bartol is doing both!

What do you hope to learn? What do you hope to contribute?

I’m open to endlessly learning, so I don’t want to put any limitations on my chances to learn by deciding on specific expectations now (or ever). I’m big on skill-sharing and giving out information freely, and I plan to apply those feelings to my contributions as well. I’ll learn and contribute in any way I can.

And our favorite question: Best. Snack. Ever.

I love this question, haha. I’m going to say french fries.

Part of a continuing series featuring our Bartol Board Members.

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