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Who We Are

Welcoming Our New Board Members and Officers

Each member of the Bartol board brings their unique perspective to our conversation, perspectives that are embedded in the work we do and the people we serve.  Our focus on diverse voices has always been present on the board.  Today we are especially focused on adding board members who will activate new networks so that more people know about what Bartol does and the resources they can access.

Here’s a cool infographic that shows you more about the board’s demographics.  Since we ask our grantees to do this, it seems fitting that we will also be transparent in sharing our story.  You can read about all of our board members here.

The Class of 2021

This year’s class includes two dancers, a musician and a theatre artist.  But being true creatives, they all juggle multiple day jobs.

Most importantly, each of these new board members are passionate about the role that the arts play in activating social justice and in amplifying voices that have been silenced.   

And Our New Officers

We also welcome two new officers to our Executive Committee.

We can’t wait until the city reopens and we can be out meeting you again! 

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