The Bartol Foundation awards grants to arts and culture nonprofit organizations in the City of Philadelphia each year. We believe in the power of the arts within our communities to engage, connect and educate, making access to the arts an essential part of every person’s life.

We seek to support organizations which have a significant impact with our modest grants of between $5,000 and $10,000.

In all of its grantmaking, the Foundation seeks to support projects that demonstrate exceptional artistic quality. The Foundation is especially interested in making grants to organizations and/or projects that focus on:

  • hands-on, in-depth arts education programs that are taught by highly skilled teaching artists, demonstrate a well developed, sequential curriculum and work appropriately within their school or community setting and,
  • providing broader access to the arts throughout the City of Philadelphia through high-quality, in-depth arts education experiences in neighborhood settings.

Each year we choose one of our grant recipients to receive the additional George Bartol Arts Education award in the sum of $5,000. This award recognizes outstanding arts education programs by an organization that provides sustained, meaningful exposure and participation in the arts, demonstrates an active engagement in the lives of its students and community, and maintains high artistic standards for its faculty and students.

How to Apply:

Applications are due through our online application portal by May 1 each year.

  1. Determine if your organization is eligible by reviewing the details on our Eligibility page.
  2. Schedule a date for us to come to your organization for a mandatory site visit before you apply.
  3. Submit a detailed application including all forms and details listed on our Submit Application page.

We encourage first-time applicants, or anyone with questions about the grants application process, to email our Director, Beth Feldman Brandt or call 267-519-5310.

Step 1: Determine Your Eligibility