2. Schedule Your Site Visit

The deadline for requesting the mandatory check-in/virtual site visit has passed.  If you did not yet request a check-in, you are not eligible to apply for a grant at our May 3, 2021 deadline.  You can find out more below about how our site visits work as you plan for the next May 2022 deadline.

Step 2 of the grant application process, after you have determined that you are an eligible non-profit, is to schedule a site visit with our Executive Director or a member of our board, so we can come and see your work in action.

Keep in mind that we make grants to organizations and/or projects that focus on:

  • hands-on, in-depth arts education programs that are taught by highly skilled teaching artists, demonstrate a well developed, sequential curriculum and work appropriately within their community setting and,
  • providing broader access to the arts throughout the City of Philadelphia through high-quality arts experiences in neighborhood settings for communities without other access to these experiences.

Note that we support programs for all people, not just young people, as long as they are actively involved in the creative and artistic process.  We do not support one-time or short-term presentations, performances or programs.  If you are unsure if your program is a fit, please call us before setting up a site visit.

Here is our plan for our Monday, May 3, 2021 grant deadline.

  • Is the site visit still mandatory? Yes! We still want to hear how you are doing and make sure your proposal would be eligible for funding.  You can do these check-ins two ways:
    • Schedule a phone call or Zoom meeting with me or a board member. OR
    • Invite us to a site visit to a program you are presenting virtually.
    • Note: We will not be making any site visits or meetings in person.
  • How we will use your site visit? We will use this only as a check-in, not to make an assessment of the quality of your programs. We realize that not all of you are currently teaching virtually.  And for those who are, there is too much beyond your control to make any kind of judgment about the strength of your program.   We know you are all doing your best.
  • How do I schedule my site visit? You can use this form to schedule your call or virtual visit.  We will confirm back once we have scheduled Beth or a Board member for your check-in.
  • Is there a deadline? Yes!  We would love to check in as soon as you are ready, but you must request your check-in through our online form by Friday, April 2, 2021 and we need to do our check in by April 26, 2021.

Step 3: Prepare Your Application