2. Schedule Your Site Visit

Due to COVID-19, we are currently not making site visits in person until it is safe to do so.  You may wait to schedule your site visit until your programs are meeting again in person or you may have us visit a virtual program if you will not be meeting in person prior to our May 1 grant deadline.  All site visits must still be scheduled by Friday, April 2, 2021 and must take place by May, 2021

Step 2 of the grant application process, after you have determined that you are an eligible non-profit, is to schedule a site visit with our Executive Director or a member of our board, so we can come and see your work in action.

Keep in mind that we make grants to organizations and/or projects that focus on:

  • hands-on, in-depth arts education programs that are taught by highly skilled teaching artists, demonstrate a well developed, sequential curriculum and work appropriately within their community setting and,
  • providing broader access to the arts throughout the City of Philadelphia through high-quality arts experiences in neighborhood settings for communities without other access to these experiences.

Note that we support programs for all people, not just young people, as long as they are actively involved in the creative and artistic process.  We do not support one-time or short-term presentations, performances or programs.  If you are unsure if your program is a fit, please call us before setting up a site visit.

Since we will only make one visit to see your work per year, make it count by choosing an opportunity to show us your best work in the area where you are requesting funding. For example, if you are applying for theatre education programs, invite us to a school residency sessions rather than an opening night performance. We will visit for about an hour so make sure we are coming at a good time to see your work at its most active.

Note that we do not attend fundraising events.

When making visits, we look for:

  • the artistic quality and intent of your work within the framework of your discipline(s) and/or tradition;
  • the educational quality of your work, including the curriculum, space, and skills of the teaching artists;
  • the context for the work we are seeing, including where it fits within your organizational mission as well as your place within the arts and cultural community and the broader Philadelphia community; and,
  • the connection to your community, as you define it; and the audience you are serving.

Schedule Your Site Visit Here

Step 3: Prepare Your Application