2. Schedule Your Site Visit

Updated November 10.2021

Step 2 of the grant application process, after you have determined that you are an eligible non-profit, is to schedule a site visit with our Executive Director or a member of our board, so we can see your work in action.  As of November 2021, we will not be making site visits in-person, but can make a virtual site visit to a program you are teaching virtually or in-person.  We will re-assess in January 2022 and post any changes here.

Keep in mind that we make grants to organizations and/or projects that focus on:

  • hands-on, in-depth arts education programs that are taught by highly skilled teaching artists, demonstrate a well developed, sequential curriculum and work appropriately within their community setting and,
  • providing broader access to the arts throughout the City of Philadelphia with an additional emphasis on the alignment between the demographics of the staff/teaching artists/board and the people you are serving.

Note that we support programs for all people, not just young people, as long as they are actively involved in the creative and artistic process.  We do not support one-time or short-term presentations, performances, exhibitions or programs.  If you are unsure if your program is a fit, please call us before setting up a site visit.

Here is our plan (as of now) for our Monday, May 2, 2022 grant deadline.  You are welcome to wait until 2022 to schedule your site visit but if you currently have a program that will not be running in the spring or prefer to do your visit now, we can do your virtual site visit now.

  • Is the site visit still mandatory? Yes! We still want to hear how you are doing and make sure your proposal would be eligible for funding.  For now, you can invite us to a program you are presenting virtually OR if we can watch a program virtually that you are presenting in-person, that is also possible.
    • Note: We will not be making any site visits or meetings in person.
  • How we will use your site visit? We will use this only as a check-in to help you determine if your program is eligible and competitive for funding.  For those who are teaching virtually, we know there is too much beyond your control to make any kind of judgment about the strength of your program.   We know you are all doing your best.
  • How do I schedule my site visit? In the fall of 2021, you can schedule your site visit by emailing Beth Feldman Brandt.  Please provide all the details we would need to schedule the visit including the time/date/what we are seeing and how we will link in.   We will confirm back once we have scheduled Beth or a Board member for your check-in.
  • Is there a deadline? Yes! You must request your check-in through our online form by Friday, April 8, 2022 and we need to do our visit by April 28, 2022.

Step 3: Prepare Your Application