3. Prepare Your Online Application


For our next deadline, you must submit a request to schedule a check-in call/Zoom or virtual site visit by Friday, April 8, 2022 and the site visit must take place by April 28, 2022.

This check-in or virtual site visit is mandatory prior to applying. Information on setting up your site visit is here.

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Once you have determined your eligibility and we have come for a site visit to your organization, step 3 is to submit your grant application. You’re almost there!

Applications are accepted through an online platform called Submittable. We will only accept paper applications from organizations that do not have the capacity to submit online (See #4 below.)

Note that our application includes questions about the specific demographics of your board, staff, teaching artists and community.  Make sure to view these questions early so you have time to gather your information prior to the deadline. This information is part of the grant selection process so do your best to provide this information with us, even if you need to estimate.

We strongly suggest that you log on to the online application to become familiar with the platform and the application questions as soon as it is available.  Here are some tips.

  1. Submittable allows you to create an account and save your work as you go. You can work on the application, log off, and then log back in to continue to work. If multiple people are working on the application at the same time, make sure not to auto-save over each other’s work.
  2. Our application questions are designed to be suited to an online format. You can log on to see the entire application and plan your responses. As always, it is good to create your application in a word document and then paste your responses into the online application.
  3. As you work on the application, feel free to email if something isn’t working right or if you are unclear about a question.  We will do our best to fix any glitches or clarify anything that is unclear.
  4. If your organization does not have the capacity to complete an application online, please get in touch with us right away so we can make alternate arrangements.  You must contact us by Friday April 22 at the latest if you are not able to complete an online application.  Your application will still be due in hard copy by Monday, May 2, 2022 at 5:00 pm.

Please don’t wait until the last minute to submit your application. You can access technical support to set up your account for Submittable at support@submittable.com. And here is an article if you are new to using Submittable.

Remember that you must schedule a mandatory site visit prior to applying.  You must submit a site visit request by emailing Beth Feldman Brandt by April 8, 2022 and the site visit must take place by April 28, 2022.