Supporting Work at the Intersection of Arts, Education,
Healing and Social Justice

Get to Know the Grantee: University City Arts League

“…when your students surpass your expectations and teach you…” Founded more than 50 years ago, people at the University City Arts League never stop learning and thinking of news ways to reach their West Philly community. Executive Director Annette Monnier shares thoughts from their community in their answers to our questions of the day. What […]

Get to Know the Grantee: Wagner Free Institute of Science

“Students involved in the Science, Nature and Art Program are more likely to be academic risk takers.” If you haven’t been to the Wagner Free Institute of Science just off Temple’s Campus, you are missing something that is one-of-a-kind.   Bringing together science and art is just one aspect of this mid-19th century science museum […]

Get to Know the Grantee: Danse4Nia

“…develop a teaching style that can speak to all learning abilities…”     We are excited to hear from our first-time grantee Danse4Nia, a multi-cultural contemporary modern dance company committed to using dance to foster personal, cultural and social change.   Founder, CEO and Artistic Director Antoinette Coward-Gilmore shared some insights with her answers to […]

Get to Know the Grantee: Norris Square Neighborhood Projects

“… I was the only adult in their life that they have truly trusted.” Norris Square Neighborhood Projects believes in art inside and out.  With a social justice lens, NSNP is committed to the people and surroundings of their community.   When do you know your work is making a difference? I know my work is […]

Get to Know the Grantee: Allens Lane Art Center

“Sustainability.”     Allens Lane Art Center is the 2019 winner of the George Bartol Arts Education Award for their Vision Thru Art program but that is only part of their story.  Executive Director Craig Stover filled us in on the rest (and his love of tacos) with his answers to our questions of the […]

Get to Know the Grantee: Project 440

“Because music is there for you when people aren’t.”     Project 440’s “Doing Good” program is a 30-session intensive after-school entrepreneurial program that provides guidance to high school musicians who want to positively impact their communities.  A first time grantee, Project 440 uses music as a jumping off point to strengthen identity and build […]

Get to Know the Grantee: Theatre Exile

“…whatever is going on in your life, try to bring your best self to class.”     Theatre Exile is committed to theatre, especially in its South Philly neighborhood. Paper Wings is Theatre Exile’s in-school residency outreach program.  Experienced, professional teaching artists go into the classroom once a week and work with students to help […]

Get to Know the Grantee: Big Picture Alliance

“It’s like I’m becoming the person I always wanted to be, but never thought I could.”       Big Picture Alliance participants make movies…and much more.  Students learn to collaborate, express their ideas and persevere bring a vision to reality.   We asked Executive Director Aleks Martray our questions of the day about their […]