George Bartol Arts Education Awardee

The Stockton Rush Bartol Foundation has selected Allens Lane Art Center as the winner of the 2019 George Bartol Arts Education Award.

The Stockton Rush Bartol Foundation has selected Allens Lane Art Center as the winner of the 2019 George Bartol Arts Education Award to honor their Vision Thru Art program which provides sculpture classes for blind and low vision adults. The Award is given to an organization that provides sustained, meaningful participation in the arts; that demonstrates an active engagement in the lives of its students and community; and that maintains high artistic standards for its faculty and students.

“The Vision Thru Art program has changed my life. I never thought I had the ability to be an artist.”     (Frank Madison, artist/student).

”Spend time in a Vision Thru Art class and you will be struck by the energy, creativity, and oy of these artists.” says Beth Feldman Brandt, Executive Director of the Stockton Rush Bartol Foundation. “We are honored to recognize this program that embodies our mission of making sure that inspiring arts experiences are accessible to everyone, “  Click here to view a video showcasing the Vision Thru Art program and to learn more about the George Bartol Arts Education Award.

“Winning the George Bartol Arts Education Award for our Vision Thru Art program helps to underscore just how vital a program like this is to the Center and our community of artists, “ commented Craig Stover, Executive Director of Allens Lane Art Center. “It will allow us to continue to keep the classes free for all those involved as well as to make sure that the participating artists have top quality materials, tools and instruction to help them bring out their inner visions.”

Allens Lane Art Center’s Vision Thru Art is a weekly sculpture class for blind and low vision artists that has been running at Allens Lane Art Center for more than 30 years. Dedicated faculty, staff and volunteers help the students express their inner vision through a variety of media including clay, wood, mosaic, stone and other mixed materials. Since 2014, to recognize that many of the participants are on fixed incomes, Allens Lane Art Center has made the class completely free for all the students, including free art supplies each year.  The participating artists show their work in the Allens Lane Art Center gallery exhibition program as well making their works available for sale in the yearly holiday Art & Craft sale held at the center.

The George Bartol Arts Education Award was established in 2001 to recognize outstanding arts education programs by a non-profit cultural organization. Each year, a grant of $5,000 is made in memory of George Bartol, founder of the Stockton Rush Bartol Foundation, who believed that the key to a thriving arts community was an investment in arts education.   As part of its annual grant review process, the Foundation designates one grantee to receive this additional award of $5,000 to further support its arts education programs. This year’s award is made possible in part through gifts from Mr. Bartol’s children.

About Stockton Rush Bartol Foundation

The Stockton Rush Bartol Foundation works at the intersection of arts, education, community and philanthropy, grounded in our belief that deeply meaningful arts experiences strengthen people and communities. The Bartol Foundation advocates for and facilitates partnerships in which cultural organizations, teaching artists, community partners, and funders work toward the common goal of providing high-caliber, equitable arts education to people in Philadelphia, especially those in the most under-resourced or under-served communities. We utilize our knowledge and resources to generate more resources and opportunities for all.

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