Teaching Artist Microgrants

This partnership between the Bartol Foundation and Small But Mighty Arts (SBMA) directly responds to a critical need reflected in the local creative community.  These micro-grants reflect a timely method of support to ensure that community-based creative projects and partnerships can be completed while helping creative “artrepreneurs” persist and thrive.

The Bartol Foundation/SBMA Teaching Artist Micro-Grants support individual teaching artists who are actively engaged in a community project with grants of $500.

Microgrant Awardee: Carolyn Chernoff (2019)

Carolyn Chernoff is a zines and narrative artist.  This project grant will support Arts of Resistance Zine Workshops.  For more information:  www.carolynchernoff.com.

Microgrant Awardee: Enoch the Poet (2019)

Enoch the Poet is, well, a poet.  This project grant will support Wellness/Writing Workshops at the Woodstock Family Center.  For more information:  www.enochthepoet.com. 

Microgrant Awardee: Erika Guadalupe Nunez (2019)

Erika Guadalupe is a visual artist working in folkloric art and printmaking.  This project grant will support Dia de los Muertos Workshops and a Celebration Event in conjunction with Juntos.  For more information: https://www.leeway.org/who_we_are/erika_guadalupe_nunez and/or https://www.instagram.com/monequiltia

Microgrant Awardee: Gabriela Sanchez (2019)

Gabriela Sanchez is a theatre, storytelling, and multidisciplinary artist.  This project grant will support theatre classes in conjunction with Power Street Theatre Company’s production of MinorityLand . For more information:  www.powerstreettheatre.com.

Microgrant Awardee: Gabrielle Clark (2019)

Gabrielle Clark is a multi-displinary artist working in journalism, storytelling, visual Arts and photography.  This project grant will support the  Visual Storytelling Project centered on Black Women and Femmes.  For more information:  www.gabrielleSclark.com.

Microgrant Awardee: Jamal Parker (2019)

Jamal Parker is a writer and theatre artist. This project grant will support a Spoken Word and Poetry Workshop Series.  For more information:  https://www.newerapoets.com/jamalparker

Microgrant Awardee: Jaye McNair Obaseki (2019)

Jaye McNair Obaseki is a multi-disciplinary artist working in textile, fiber art, and narrative storytelling.  This project grant will support Identity Quilt Workshops focused on girls.  For more  information email:  queenjaye.mcnair@gmail.com.


Microgrant Awardee: Marcy Francis (2019)

Marcy Francis is a music and folk arts artist.  This project grant will support an After-school Sekere Percussion Program.  For more information email:  missladyfingersbass@gmail.com


Microgrant Awardee: Mira Treatman (2019)

Mira Treatman is a dance and theatre artist.  This project grant will support Duets with Strangers Community Dance Classes.  For more information: www.miratreatman.com.

Microgrant Awardee: Alexandra King (2018)

Alexandra King is a theatre artist whose practice includes facilitating performances within communities.  Her grant will support Theatre of the Oppressed Training for Living Well Theatre, a collective of elder African-Americans who create performances about public health.

Microgrant Awardee: ChaCha N’Kole (2018)

ChaCha N’Kole is an international fashion designer, philanthropist, motivator, and educator. Her grant will support The SEWcial Café, pronounced The Social Café, a community sewing space for women to create, collaborate, and develop handmade products. More info at http://www.thesewcialcafe.com

Microgrant Awardee: Chris Coyle (2018)

Chris Coyle is a bassist, composer and music educator based in Philadelphia, PA.  He will use his micro-grant to buy music/sound equipment for use in school residencies.  More info at http://www.chriscoylemusic.com.

PHOTO - ellen reynolds (original) (2)

Microgrant Awardee: Ellen Reynolds (2018)

Ellen Reynolds is a filmmaker whose work includes projects with children at the center.  Her grant will support documentation of an animation and poetry workshop with children.  More info at http://ellenreynolds.net.


Microgrant Awardee: Emily Bate (2018)

Emily Bate is a teaching artist who creates original work using amateur singers, empowering people to discard negative beliefs about their abilities and claim their voices. Her grant will support expanding the “Trust Your Moves” community choir. More info at http://emilybate.com

Microgrant Awardee: Li Sumpter (2018)

Li Sumpter is a multidisciplinary artist and educator whose work addresses social justice and environmental issues. Her grant will support the creation of BOOM4REALEmergency Response Kiosk, a super-sized “little free library” in North Philly Peace Park. More info at http://www.mythmediastudios.com/

Microgrant Awardee: Misty Sol (2018)

Misty Sol is an interdisciplinary artist, visual artist (painter and gardener), writer (poetry and prose) and educator. Her grant will support a workshop at Art Sanctuary that connects agriculture, nature, and African American art. More info at https://www.instagram.com/mamamistysol/

Microgrant Awardee: Rose Benson (2018)

Rose Benson is a fine artist and a registered nurse anesthetist at Temple University Hospital whose work takes an investigative look into the needs of women affected by violence. Her grant will support handmade books featuring stories of women who have survived gun violence.

Microgrant Awardee: Shanel Edwards (2018)

Shanel Edwards is a dancer, photographer, poet, and educator who uses artistry as activism. Their grant will support free dance classes for the Black Queer/Trans communities. More info at https://www.instagram.com/shaneledwardsart/

Microgrant Awardee: Yinka Orafidiya (2018)

Yinka Orafidiya is a socially engaged ceramic artist based in Philadelphia, PA.  Her project will share ceramic practices learned in Ghana.  More information at http://www.yinkaorafidiya.com.