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Site Visits in a Pandemic?

2021 Guidelines Part I: Site Visits in a Pandemic?

Beth Feldman Brandt, Executive Director

Site visits are the best.  We love traveling around the city to see programs that Bartol funded and to meet new people whose work we may not be familiar with yet. 

We use these visits to connect with you beyond the written proposal to see your work in action.  Often, I find there are commonalities among those we are visiting that we can help address through workshops or shared networking.  These site visits are mandatory so there is a level playing field for all who apply.  In one year, the Board and staff of Bartol can visit 60 organizations.

But we are all learning to adjust during the pandemic.  Our funding priorities will stay the same in 2021 but we will be looking at our application

So what does a site visit look like during a pandemic?  This is something we have been wrangling with over the past few months.

Here is our plan for our Monday, May 3, 2021 grant deadline.

  • Is the site visit still mandatory? Yes!  We still want to hear how you are doing and make sure your proposal would be eligible for funding.  You can do these check-ins two ways:
    • Schedule a phone call or Zoom meeting with me or a board member.  OR
    • Invite us to a site visit to a program you are presenting virtually.
    • Note: We will not be making any site visits or meetings in person.
  • How we will use your site visit?  We will use this only as a check-in, not to make an assessment of the quality of your programs. We realize that not all of you are currently teaching virtually.  And for those who are, there is too much beyond your control to make any kind of judgment about the strength of your program.   We know you are all doing your best.
  • How do I schedule my site visit?  First, check your eligibility here. Then, you can use the form at the end of this page to schedule your call or virtual visit beginning March 1, 2021.  We will confirm back once we have scheduled Beth or a Board member for your check-in.
  • Is there a deadline?  Yes!  We would love to check in as soon as you are ready, but you must request your check-in through our online form by Friday, April 2, 2021 and we need to do our check in by April 26, 2021.

Questions about your eligibility or your site visit? Reach out to Beth Feldman Brandt at


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