Trauma Informed Zine Workshop

For many decades, zines (short for magazine or fanzine, reproduced by a photocopier) have been an accessible yet a powerful medium to narrate and circulate stories — they can be easily created with minimal materials and are cheap to produce while being available to many people at the same time. Through this workshop, Philadelphia-based teaching artist, Jino Lee will introduce the basics of zine-making and present how he used zine projects to engage youth to tell stories about their communities. This online session will include hands-on zine-making activity using everyday items from home as well as showcasing how we can engage our communities with zines when we are only able to connect with each other online.

Theatre TAG: Using Debate in the Classroom

Debates are everywhere in this election year! Whether used to interpret a text or clarify community issues, a lively (and respectful) debate can animate a classroom and help students learn to articulate their point of view to persuade others. Join Craig Getting, Education Director of Lantern Theater Company, for this on-your-feet workshop that will introduce theatre techniques to add debate to your teaching toolbox. This session is open to artists of all disciplines interested in building respectful dialogues with their participants.

Teaching with Technology-Using Social Media in the Classroom

Shakespeare on You Tube? Pride and Prejudice on Twitter? Join Rebekah Wilcox, Education Director of The Philadelphia Shakespeare Theatre and Sherry Forste-Grupp, an English teacher from The Baldwin School to get concrete lessons for incorporating social media to actively engage students in their own learning. The session will include examples from their jointly-developed Shakespeare curriculum but is applicable to other curriculum areas. Presented as part of Theatre TAG but all are welcome.

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Concert Conversations: Community Engagement for All Ages

How can you excite kids about music, introduce a contemporary piece to your current audience, or dive deep into the music of a specific composer in a concert setting? Join members of the Jasper String Quartet to learn specific strategies for designing concert conversations whether your audience is pre-schoolers, seniors or somewhere in between. They will also share their thoughts on how this process informs not only your audience but your own practice as performing musicians. Bring a recorded piece of music to apply these strategies and get feedback from your peers.. Designed for musicians but all are welcome.

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