National Teaching Artist Video Library



As part of the Bartol Foundation’s work to support teaching artists, we are hosting the National Teaching Artist Video Library of 1-minute teaching artist tips including:

  • “how-to videos” one-minute tips submitted by teaching artists for teaching artists
  • “what is… videos” containing a glossary of common phrases in education, child development, and other areas that teaching artists should know

Check out this video example for the TA Video Library. Follow these steps to submit your video.

Step One: Make Your Video

Choose your topic: You can do a “how-to” video or a “what is/glossary” video. Some topics can include:

  • icebreakers
  • classroom management
  • reflection activities
  • reaching all learners
  • lesson planning
  • transitions
  • integrating with a school curriculum
  • learning styles
  • partnerships with teachers
  • artistic discipline specific activities
  • using technology
  • your best idea!

Write a script that will fit into one minute with your best tip for a fellow teaching artist. Either way, a great video has these three parts:

  • Define what you are speaking about.
  • Give an example.
  • Tell us why this is important. Speak from your heart and your passion!

Practice and rehearse few times.

Set up a quiet well-lit space and an uncluttered background.

No selfies! Find a friend to film you.

Take your best shot! If you are using your phone, hold it horizontally. Decide whether you want a close-up, medium or long shot. Look into the camera lens!

Review: TAKE #1! Watch the video and fearlessly revise. TAKE #2! Submit a video you are proud of.

Step Two: Submit Your Video

Send it to the Bartol Foundation using this video submission form. We will get back to you with any questions and let you know when we post it up so you can share your video and the whole TA Video Library with your network.

Video submissions cannot be more than 50 megabytes large.