2021 Guidelines Part I: Site Visits in a Pandemic?

Beth Feldman Brandt, Executive Director

Site visits are the best.  We love traveling around the city to see programs that Bartol funded and to meet new people whose work we may not be familiar with yet. 

We use these visits to connect with you beyond the written proposal to see your work in action.  Often, I find there are commonalities among those we are visiting that we can help address through workshops or shared networking.  These site visits are mandatory so there is a level playing field for all who apply.  In one year, the Board and staff of Bartol can visit 60 organizations.

But we are all learning to adjust during the pandemic.  Our funding priorities will stay the same in 2021 but we will be looking at our application

So what does a site visit look like during a pandemic?  This is something we have been wrangling with over the past few months.

Here is our plan for our Monday, May 3, 2021 grant deadline.

Questions about your eligibility or your site visit? Reach out to Beth Feldman Brandt at bfbrandt@bartol.org

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