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“The Foundation values art for its social benefits and for its ability to provoke a purely aesthetic experience.”

The Stockton Rush Bartol Foundation has selected ArtWell as the winner of the 2015 George Bartol Arts Education Award.

Learn more about ArtWell and the Bartol Award here .

The Arts Are Alive

Everyday, in every corner of Philadelphia, young people are learning to play Bach or Miles Davis, artists are creating work that will challenge us or make us laugh, communities are transforming empty lots into visual stories.

At the Bartol Foundation, we believe that everyone deserves access to the arts.

Find out how the Bartol Foundation can support your work through:

  • grants to support in-depth arts education and programs that connect arts to communities;
  • free professional development programs for teaching artists to share skills and build networks;
  • online information and resource sharing through Bartol On Demand! available 24/7;
  • lending staff expertise and offering resources to strengthen cultural organizations, as well as advocating for the inclusion of arts and culture in broader community strategies.

We support creative opportunities to sustain and share a rigorous artistic process, to connect and engage, and to give voice to a community’s history and future.

Join us!