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Registration Launches Spring 2024

“...[The TIPTA Training] is engaging, inclusive, and welcoming. Most of all it is empowering. It truly is presented in a way that honors us as humans and as a collective class. Definitely not a top down approach which can sometimes feel alienating.

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Introducing the Bartol Trauma-Informed Practice Online course (TIP Online) Bartol’s Trauma-Informed Practice Online Course Outline program designed by arts educators for arts educators, with the goal of helping every participant put trauma-informed theory into practice.

This asynchronous online course follows the same weekly structure, course materials, and opportunities for exploration as Bartol’s live 20-hour training, but it allows participants to learn from anywhere, at any time, as part of a 6-week learning cohort.

WHAT YOU WILL LEARN: This training will equip you with the tools and knowledge to bolster your classroom into a supportive and nurturing space where every participant can thrive. With our Trauma-Informed Practice online course, you’ll learn how to empower your students, enhance your lesson planning to accommodate all learners, and explore how to set boundaries and fortify yourself as an arts educator.

ACCESS TRAUMA-INFORMED RESOURCES: The course comes with a handbook that divides the learning into overarching themes using research from three sectors: behavioral health, K-12 education, and the arts. Additionally, participants gain access to supplementary readings and videos which provide additional context and connections. As participants move through the training, each module comes with a series of videos featuring Bartol facilitators who walk participants through how these theories connect to our work as arts educators. After each video, participants have an opportunity to connect theory to practice by participating in freethinks, assignments, and a community discussion board where you and the rest of your cohort will receive continued live engagement and support from a Bartol facilitator.

SEE TRAUMA INFORMED PRACTICES IN ACTION: To shake up the static nature of online learning, participants are also engaged in kinesthetic activities which model trauma-informed practice, including a series of entrance and exit rituals, brain breaks, and arts activities facilitated by guest artists.

STAY CONNECTED AS A TIP ONLINE GRAD: And here’s the best part — after successfully completing the course, you’ll receive a course certification to showcase your dedication to your craft, and you’ll become part of a supportive community of like-minded arts educators. As an alum of TIP Online, you will gain access to exclusive resources, and join an alumni network of practitioners dedicated to trauma-informed teaching.

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