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Winter 2024 Teaching Artist Micro-Grant Recipients

“I learned that it is okay to let go of certain ways of doing things in my creative process. I was able to think outside the box for this [micro-grant] project and prioritize the vision of the students over my own vision - after all it is their organization! ”



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We are so grateful to continue our partnership with the Marrazzo Family Foundation that has expanded the number and amounts for these Philadelphia-based Teaching Artist Micro-Grants.

With full funding from the Marrazzo Family Foundation, each grant is now $1,000 and we will be offering two opportunities for grants for Philadelphia-based teaching artists; one application in the winter for spring projects and one application in the summer for fall projects.  Each round will fund up to ten grants, bringing the annual total up to $20,000.  The Marrazzo Family Foundation is based in Philadelphia and has an initial strategic focus of supporting the integration of creativity and the arts in educating Philadelphia youth, in ways that are novel, interdisciplinary, and visionary.

The  Marrazzo/Bartol  Teaching Artist Micro-Grant awards $1,000 to help Philadelphia-area teaching artists complete community-based arts education projects that are underway; to support their own professional development as teaching artists; or to buy equipment/materials essential to their teaching artist practice.    The engagement of community members as active art(s)-makers is essential to any application. 

Applications for our next round will open in the summer of 2024 for Fall projects.

You can use the information below to learn more and to  preview the application questions here.

Who Should Apply

Grants will be made to teaching artists who live in the Philadelphia area and projects must take place in the City of Philadelphia.

If you are working with community members, your project must engage community members (of any age) as active, creative, art-making participants (in any discipline), not just as an audience.

If you are asking for support for your own professional development or equipment/materials, you must demonstrate how this will position you to strengthen your teaching practice as well the audience you hope will benefit from your future programs.

Teaching artists are not required identify a community host site or partner, although you have the option to share a letter of support from a community partner if you have one.  You cannot currently be a paid teaching artist (employee or contractor) for the organization which is your host site.  This is not intended to be a grant to an organization to pay their teaching artists.

The project, either in the community or for a teaching artists’ own teaching practice, must be urgent and timely. Funds must be expended within three months of receiving the grant.

Note that these grants are not for your own creative practice.  They are only for your work as a teaching artist.

You can preview the full application questions here.

Important Dates

Watch this space and sign up for our mailing list to be notified of important dates for the next grant cycle in the summer of 2024.

Information Sessions

For each grant cycle, there will be two virtual information sessions to learn more about the application process and ask questions.  Both sessions will cover the same information.


For You

  • I live in the Philadelphia area.
  • I am the lead, initiator, or founder of this project.
  • I am 18+ years of age.
  • I am not a student taking more than 6 credit hours.
  • I have worked as a teaching artist for at least a year.
  • I have not received a Bartol Micro-Grant before.
  • I am not already paid as a teaching artist by my host site.

For Your Project

  • My project will take place in the City of Philadelphia.
  • I can use the funds within three months.
  • If I am working with community members, my project has to engage community members (of any age) as active, creative, art-making participants (in any discipline), not just as an audience.
  • If I am asking for support for my own professional development or materials/equipment, I must demonstrate how this will position me to strengthen my teaching practice in the future.

NOTE: If an organization you are working with was already awarded a Bartol grant in the same year, you cannot also receive a teaching artist grant for the same Bartol-funded project.

How to Apply

You can begin to collect the information you will need to complete the application .

  • A detailed description of your project.
  • A budget for your project showing how the $1,000 will be used.  You may use a reasonable portion of these funds to support your time on the project as well as for direct expenses.
  • Your bio including a description of your work as a teaching artist.
  • A work sample of your own creative work.
  • A work sample of your work with community members.
  • Optional: A brief letter of support from your community partner or host site that confirms their commitment to the project with the resources (e.g. space, staff, participants) they are providing. This can be a screenshot or copy of an email.


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