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About Us

We want to enable everyone to enjoy their right to make art as part of their joyful, creative lives.

We want to enable more people to understand themselves and others through art.

We want to strengthen our Philadelphia communities through the arts.

We want to sustain local artists to foster continued creative life in our communities.

At the Bartol Foundation, we love Philadelphia and we love the arts, and we work hard to support and celebrate the arts in our local communities. Our work includes offering many grants each year to small arts organizations who are making a big impact, and presenting regular professional training events to help teaching artists better share their gifts and support their careers. We are artists ourselves, so we know very personally how challenging and rewarding a life in art can be.

Our History

The Stockton Rush Bartol Foundation was founded in 1984 by George Bartol, a lover of the arts and Philadelphia. Mr. Bartol was the Chairman and CEO of Hunt Manufacturing in Philadelphia, maker of Xacto knives, Boston Staplers and Speedball inks among other office supplies and art materials. He believed that Philadelphia’s cultural assets differentiated it from other cities, making it more attractive to businesses and individuals as a place to live and work. His children tell us he was especially committed to arts education, much to their chagrin as small children being toted off to museums every weekend.

The Foundation is named after his brother, Stockton Rush, who was killed as a bombardier in World War II. Mr. Bartol died in 1989 and his family now supports the George Bartol Arts Education Award in his name.

The Bartol Foundation is a member of Philanthropy Network of Greater Philadelphia and has adopted its Statement of Guiding Principles and Best Practices for Governance and Accountability.